Elena’s BASIC Sculpting Tool Set - creating the right character with the help of the right tools has always been a foundation for successful sculpting.

It applies to working with both Polymer clays and Air dry clays.

It contains 13 pieces

The tools used in this set are:

- Sculpting brushes. At point in your work, especially at the end, you realize that you are ready to bring the features to a nice and smooth end, right before baking or letting your creation dry. This is where these angular synthetic brushes come in. They will help to get into fine lines and hard to reach are

- Elena’s must have sculpting tool. Made with hardwood.

- Metal spoon tool. For those who love working with metal tools more than with wood once, this tool is an excellent help for shaping stubborn clay pieces. Although I myself mostly use wooden tools for my main sculpting, I still use this beautiful tool for certain tasks quite often. Because of its smooth surface, it is great for smoothing large areas very efficiently.

- Set of Ball Stylus tools

- Extra fine painting brush. Excellent to get those tiny details on the face and nails just right.

- For Mermaid makers - The SCALE making tool, works on raw unbaked clay as well as on hard cured clay.

- Mini calipers. You know how important it is to keep the proportions right. Because you are working in 3D, you keep checking for symmetry constantly and this little gadget is very useful for this type of measuring, considering that it is also very compact and will fit into your tool set pouch.

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Thanks, Elena

Elena's Must Have Sculpting Tool Kit