About Me

Thank you so much for visiting my website!

I believe life is given to us to explore amazing abilities each one of us has. As I go on my creative journey I realize that If I happen to pick up a new skill, Life will find a way for me to use it. I was drawing and painting all my life, for as long as I remember. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that every skill that I learned from childhood could be incorporated into designing a figure of fantasy.

My work has been featured in magazines such as Doll Crafters & Costuming, Dolls, Art Doll Quarterly and Crafter’s Report.

I am here to learn and share, imagine and create. I have been sculpting art pieces for over 10 years. Meantime I have created multiple tutorials in a PDF and video form to help you learn to sculpt. I love sharing my experience. Feel free to drop me a line. 

I hope some of my artwork will help you to discover and love the Artist in you!