Questions you might have

What type of sculptures do you make?

I work in polymer clay as well as air dry clay. I love making pieces from 6 inches tall all the way to 24 inches. Although, we years I found that my favorite size bacame something in between. Also, when you work in polyme clay, I tend to work quite small. When I sculpt with stone clays I tend to go bigger. I also love making half-pieces, sort of busts or heads and decorate them with headpieces. Most of my pieces are fantasy. Also I strive to create somewhat realistic faces, I still tend to exaggerate the features. I think this what attracts me to the this type of sculpture. Realism is great, but a bit of fantasy never hurts.

How do you paint your pieces?

To paint my pieces I use either Genesis Oils (for polymer clay) or artist quality acrylic paints. I also use airbrush for some of my projects. I think soon, I will have a class available on how to paint your pieces with airbrush. It is such a fun medium and a lot of artists are really afraid of it. It can open up such amazing possiblities.

Do you work with fabric?

Yes, absolutely. I love fabrics and include them in my projects often. I also do beading and have a few pieces with beaded designs. Please check out my e-book "DRESS WITH BEADS" on some tip to how to hand embroider doll's dress to make it really shine!

Why do you like polymer clay? Any favorite tips to share?

I first fell in love with polymer clay when I realized that I didn't need any special eqipment (e.g. kiln or even a studio). I was so fascinated by the fact that you can have a ready piece just within a few hours. No high temperature curing needed! At first I was curing my pieces in my home oven, but then, later, ehen I started teaching classes I began using a dedicated portable convection over with a fan inside.