DDRESS WITH BEADS, doll dress tutorial and embellishing with beads

An e-book Tutorial by ElenaOriginals, ODACA Artist. Instant download.

PDF format.

Dress with Beads (embellish your doll with beads) PDF

  • The Tutorial is in downlodable digital PDF format.

    A 27-page detailed manual on how to add intricate bead designs to your doll's costuming.

    The main emphasis of this book is on creating a costume and beading, but it also includes a quick outline on creating a 12 inch doll and a chair.

    Design, sew and bead your own miniature dress. Even learn how to make a beautiful chair for your beaded Princess!

    Learn to add intricate bead designs to your doll's costume, make her the Queen of the Ball!

    Gather necessary materials
    Tips on how to make a chair for your doll
    Putting A Soft doll together tips
    Body Suit, Undergarments
    Skirt with beaded panels
    Corset, Sleeves
    Making Silk Shoes for your doll
    Patterns and Design Guides and MUCH MORE!

    Lots of colorful photos showing step-by-step instructions!

    The costume described here is sewn to fit a 12 inch polymer clay doll. Most of the costume is created right on the doll. Each doll I make is One of A Kind, this means that each pattern is unique. Every time I make a new sculpture/doll, a new pattern is created to match the doll’s proportions. You can use the provided patterns as a general guide. 

    “Inspiration for Everyone”