Antique Dolls - Making Your Own Memories

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E-Class - Antique Dolls Making Memories

  • Welcome to my world of fantasy artwork! I love designing, creating, sculpting, painting, sewing and decorating. It is so much fun to make something with your own hands, so satisfying!

    I am excited to share with you my techniques I have developed for over 10 years of making art dolls and over thirty years of creating artwork. Whether you are using a sculpting method to create your art figures or sewing them, don’t you just feel the need once in a while just to play with beads, lace, buttons and ribbons? Admit it, we artists, love this stuff! What about tiny little flowers, rhinestones and lace? Did I mention experimenting with paints and antiquing the surface? Not on the box or another prop, but right on the doll! We will even patina some silver!

    I have to confess: I absolutely love taking something new
    and “aging” it! It is so much fun to see it “grow old” in front
    of your eyes.

    Maybe you can make your own fun memories by creating a doll of your childhood, something that you used to have a long time ago and forgot all about?

    I will be using paperclay for this project, but please, don’t let it stop you, if you prefer polymer clay. The techniques I use will surely work on it as well!

    As a little girl I never had lots of dolls. My favorite doll was the one I once found in a sandbox outside my house.



    1. Sculpt with airdry clay (paperclay, premier, ladoll, etc.)

    2. Sew a doll's body (pattern provided)

    3. Put together, decorate and embellish

    4. Paint

    5. Wig and work with hair

    6. Final embellishments


    Products made from this pattern are intended for personal use for fun or small scale personal and business profit as long as you credit Elena Loukianova with the design. Any form or reproduction paper or paperless are by permission only | Copyright - Elena Loukianova - All Rights Reserved