How to Sculpt a doll Strawberry Darling art doll in polymer clay PDF tutorial Instant Download

Excellent for Beginners!


How to Sculpt Strawberry Darling art doll in polymer clay PDF

  • Sculpting ebook (download PDF format). The file size is a bit over 11 MB. The book over 200 colored photos.

    The link will be supplied to you within 24 hours for you to download the book. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader software to read or view it. 

    A sculpting book by ElenaOriginals, ODACA Artist

    A complete description of the sculpting process from start to finish, supported with over 200 hundred colorful photos! EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE PHOTO IS DESCRIBED IN THIS BOOK (the complete process).

    "In my mind Strawberries are the Summer! Every time I see a strawberry it brings me thoughts of warmth and freshness. Why not have your very own Little Strawberry-inspired art doll and enjoy it all year round." Elena

    Create this dainty and elegant 7 inch art doll with Elena, using polymer clay and jewels!

    Learn to sculpt, paint, apply hair and use polymer clay techniques to embellish a garment on your creation. Get inspired by nature and it’s variety of colors and shapes. What a perfect way to combine clay, fabric and jewels!

    No previous sculpting experience necessary.

    Lesson Plan:

    Lesson 1 - Making Armature and Sculpting the Head

    Lesson 2 – Making the Body

    Lesson 3 – Making Dress Top (sculpting and embellishing)

    Lesson 4 – Making Hands and Arms. Attaching arms to the body.

    Lesson 5 – Making a Strawberry Hat

    Lesson 6 – Skirt preparation

    Lesson 7 – Painting

    Lesson 8 – Making the Skirt

    Lesson 9 – Adding Hair

    Lesson 10 - Finishing

    “Inspiration for Everyone”